Jens Steinbicker
Managing Director

Simplifying Resource Management

For organizations many projects show early signs of disorganization, start to spiral out of control, and eventually end up failing. Munich based Can Do is a provider of unique software for enterprise-wide project and resource management (RM). As a strategic platform, Can Do interconnects all relevant internal systems, including HR, ERP and CRM. Companies use Can Doto plan, manage and optimize the deployment of all its employees and to monitor results, unlike solutions such as SAP that optimize the flow of money and goods. The AI-based software is a user-oriented web application and now operated as Software as a Service (SaaS) on the high-performance Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. Small and medium-sized companies around the globe can test and buy the software at Can Do or on AWS Marketplace and profit from the advantages of machine learning and AI-based recommendations for professional risk management delivered by Can Do.

" Can Do’s software learns from the estimates, decisions and corrections of its users for questions relating to project selection, priorities and resources as well as skill and risk management. "

Founded in 2000, Can Dohelps midsized companies and groups across all industries plan their projects in the light of the availability and skills of their staff. Today, the app-based solution checks in parallel whether sufficient capacities are available and whether these employees have the required skills. Can Do’s software learns from the estimates, decisions and corrections of its users for questions relating to project selection, priorities and resources as well as skill and risk management. Then, the software uses this information to produce analyses and recommendations for future plans. It’s a learning process between the user and the software that benefits both sides. That’s because it will eventually integrate the users’ expertise from successful plans and make it available to all staff. It provides recommendations for action based on templates that have been proven multiple times over, giving users tips to help them plan in a goal-oriented way. Even the time recording app “Can Do Hours” is now giving recommendations to people how to organize their daily work.

The reason Can Do has culminated into a leader is because they are the only system on the market able to work with imprecise data. That enables customers to define a deadline as “1st quarter” or work required as “100-200 person days”. The Can Do Watermodel algorithm is a dynamic capacity comparison procedure that can simulate plans and check that they are really workable, assisting companies deploy their staff better and avoid overworking them. Multiple algorithms and AI components have been implemented in the Can Dosystem that runs simulations of people’s future work-related behavior, enabling realistic and convenient resource planning. The system is an extremely high-performance, object-oriented, in-memory system. This enables the algorithms and AI functions to run in real time.

In an instance, Arvato Systems wanted to harmonize planning and management processes, which are based on meaningful information, generated by current and constantly updated data. This was why the company decided to look for a solution that could be integrated into operational activities while providing efficient project planning and resource management. Arvato Systems uses Can Do to runreal-time capacity analyses and plans theutilization of employees based on their skills.The employees’ capabilities, which ArvatoSystems records and updates in a centralized skill library, are linked to the availabilitiesof each member of staff, whose time is thenbooked and assigned to projects.

For the days to come, Can Do will expand its cloud offering to the European Market as well as to the US and Asia Pacific. Part of the business model is Can Do’s offering on Amazon Web Services (AWS) marketplace where small and midsized companies can test and buy the apps they need for their specific planning purposes. Also, Can Do will use more services from AWS to benefit from the extensive choice of proven technology and to reach more clients.


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Jens Steinbicker, Managing Director


Can Do software for skills-based capacity planning wins over the top-class jury of the IT innovation prize in the “human resources” category.

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