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WrightZone International Ltd., a New Zealand based company, is being recognised as a provider of superior business software and consulting services for Primary Industry within New Zealand with scope abroad. Their secret to success in integrated weights and measures is committed consulting. What this means in practice, says Director Aaron Wright-St Clair, is that “We take the time to learn about our clients’ business operations and their measures of success, to tailor solutions”. In doing so, WrightZone are meeting and exceeding the business-specific requirements of their clients for enhanced customer experiences, helping clients to integrate their weights and measures faster and smarter, and with confidence.

WrightZone built WrightZone Weighbridge software with the intention to create New Zealand’s first enterprise weighbridge software solution. They started in November 2013 by working closely with their then existing clients asking them what the perfect quarry management software solution would consist of. They responded with requirements like continual uptime, speed with simplicity in managing day-to-day operations, and visibility and management of all transactions across sites. In late 2015, after having competed with several products from Australasia, WrightZone Weighbridge Software was selected by Kaipara Quarries. Three years on, WrightZone’s first client remain advocates of the company’s integrated weighbridge software. John Shea CFO of Kaipara Quarries says, “The installation was easier than expected, the level of support from WrightZone to date has been exemplary and the software and the vendor have met or exceeded the search criteria”.

" We take the time to learn about our clients’ business operations and their measures of success, to tailor solutions. "

Today, WrightZone's enterprise solution does not even require a weighbridge however, in fact, the weighbridge could be considered superfluous to the site or quarry operations because WZ Load, being their loader scales software running on a tablet, offers the same transactional processing but from directly and solely inside the loader cab. In simple terms, loader drivers are empowered with an ability to enter and exit a vehicle via the weighbridge or not; the loader scale or not; or a combination there of. The outcome can be seen when the docket is produced for the vehicle driver, collected from a choice of endpoints with an invoice generated to the customer via the tablets. Wright says “The majority of our users are loader and/or truck drivers. We are deploying our software in a way that works for them with simplicity and speed, and both online and offline capability. Grass roots from the ground-up is our success strategy.”

Built into the system, WrightZone can measure performance metrics to compare, for example, vehicle wait-time, load-time, and complete onsite duration. WrightZone's WZ Load offers all the information about the vehicle, hauler, customer, job/order and, most importantly, the product and its quantity to be loaded - effectively providing real-time direction and instruction for all loader drivers. WrightZone's solution removes radio chatter, delivers data comparison between the weighbridge and loader scale net weights offering accuracy between scales which works in supporting a requirement of recalibration of the loader scale, driver personnel loading times, and target to loader net weight performance metrics. Coupled with monthly fuel and maintenance costs of loaders, it offers a reduction in these expenses, with a return on investment of the software within six months.

WrightZone is ahead of their competition in remaining hands-on with all their clients and enabling them to do things faster and more efficiently via their solutions. According to Shea, WrightZone has “Stable operation, ease of customisation to meet the peculiarities of each site, support during operating hours, future proofing for expansion to allow greater use of data automation, strength of the vendor, and its personnel.” This is further endorsed by Phil Gordon, MD of Longburn Shingle Company Ltd, who says “WrightZone enhanced our product over and above the standard software to give us exactly what we wanted.”

WrightZone have defined weights and measure software solutions across a range of industries including stock feed, landfill and mining clientele. The next strategy will see the release of WZ Load for bulk haulage companies offering integrated invoicing and wireless weighbridge communications.

WrightZone offers competitive business edge and advantage through committed consulting. With automation and integration of company existing instrumentation, processes and systems, operating expenses are reduced thereby increasing business profitability. In successfully addressing the customer needs of various organizations, WrightZone has fast become one of the most sought after software and fully integrated weighbridge and scale management software solution providers’.




Aaron Wright-St Clair


wrightzone provides custom software development and consulting services employing the tried and true 4D methodology.

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