Robert White, President & Dir of Product Development

Redefining Food Manufacturing & Safety Software

Focus Works has succeeded in establishing itself in the marketplace by becoming the “Corporate Standard” of many Blue-Chip Fortune 500 companies. This is due to the strategy of providing targeted (not generic solutions whichdo not require additional 3rd party computer programming), acquiring industry expertise, and providing unheard of 24/7 support. Automated Tools for Batch Control, Lot Tracking, and Food Safety are essential to the success of bakeries and food processing plants. Focus Works provides these essentials. Their products are unique in that they are designed for easy installation and configuration, providing an "out-of-the-box" reliable solution that works. Focus Works products provide hard-dollar savings and short payback periods. From the time inventory is received, product is made through when it is packaged and shipped, it is subjected to possible operator and equipment error—Focus Works looks for these issues and provides specific solutions to eliminate them.

When Kellogg’s—an American multinational food-manufacturing company—production batching system failed and shut down their ingredient batching costing them millions in lost production, the company was at their wits end. They wanted a firm that could assist them fast and provide a reliable solution. The company approached Focus Works—a recognized leader in Production Control & Food Safety software systems for the baking and food industry. Focus Works installed their PRIMS system and helped Kellogg’s achieve 24/7 production of perfect Pop Tarts and Nutra-Grain Bars with no losses. A few years later they asked Focus Works to compete for all of their 32 plants floor production control business against five much larger international companies including GE, Siemens and Rockwell. Focus Works won the business in a unanimous vote because of their system’s reliability, scope of functionality and company’s expertise. This is just one of the many reasons why organizations trust Focus Works

" Focus Works brings its expertise in food production and food safety issues into the solutions they provide. "

Their flagship product, PRIMS is for plant ingredient batch manufacturing allowing the customer to control the entire manufacturing process from receiving ingredients through finished goods. The company was formed by Robert White in 2006 to market software products providing solutions for the baking and food manufacturing industry. Mr. White saw that it was essential to project an image to the customer of a company rooted in software centric solutions pertaining to his industry. The strategy is to provide cost effective systems with an extraordinary Return-on-Investment in a user-friendly, scalable system. “Focus Works brings its expertise in food production and food safety issues into the solutions they provide,” he adds.

“The best reason we can give you why you would pick Focus Works, is that we are not focused on selling hardware or an off the shelf solution as our competitors. We also can supply a company with all of their software requirements, as you can see in our portfolio. And these systems all integrate with each other,” adds Mr. White. Focus Works solutions provide control all the way from receiving ingredients, production processing, through to shipment to the customer and remote warehouses. Their systems eliminate recalls due to product errors, increase production yield, optimize scheduling, reduce batch cycle times, eliminate operator errors, reduce ingredient losses by 95% and achieve perfect product quality every time.

It is their innovation, driven by their working relationship with their customers, that separates Focus Works from their competitors. “You can build a better mouse trap, as my father liked to say but if the customer doesn’t have a mouse problem you won’t have a customer. Better to find out what he needs and supply it to him,” says Mr. White. We have had an unbelievable 1st quarter for 2018. Having already completed the equivalent of last year’s sales. This year we will expand marketing many of our products to 3rd party resellers, system integrators and to Latin America.”


Focus Works, Inc.


Robert White, PhD
President & Dir of Product Development


Focus Works products provide hard-dollar savings and short payback periods.

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