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Troy and Shannon Wilkinson met in Kosovo while working in a peace keeping mission for both the United Nations and the US State Department. Shannon was the Director of Software Development for the UN and Troy was a top cyber diplomat with the US State Department. After starting their family, they moved to Las Vegas and realized the scarcity of resources for small and medium businesses in the cybersecurity field. Most cybersecurity companies were focusing on the large enterprises with very expensive solutions. “What we found was that the average business owner, over 97% of American businesses, fell well below the attention of the larger cybersecurity companies,” says Shannon. Axiom was founded to provide fully managed solutions to that segment.

Axiom leverages the MikroTik chipset and builds their solutions on the RouterOS architecture, allowing them to bring industrial grade packet routing through their proprietary cybersecurity algorithms faster at a far lower cost than other cybersecurity companies.

" Axiom pushes out over 350,000 threat data points each day to each of our customers to keep their systems up to date against the latest cyber threats and vulnerabilities "

The company’s SecureAmerica Threat Defense Platform takes in over 100 open and closed sources of threat data and using machine learning and human guided automation, is able to create real-time updates for the customers. “Axiom pushes out over 350,000 threat data points each day to each of our customers to keep their systems up to date against the latest cyber threats and vulnerabilities,” adds Troy. A great example of this is the recent Equifax breach where they were aware of the Apache Struts vulnerability for months before the breach occurred. All of Axiom’s customers were protected against the Struts vulnerability the day it was announced to the public.

Axiom’s solution to these challenges is simple. Provide everything the business needs to get protected, update it hundreds of times a day, monitor it 24 hours a day, and manage it for the business so that the business owner can do what they do best, which is why they opened their company in the first place. “Axiom becomes an extension of our customer’s IT teams, making them look like heroes. We never want to take work away from the existing IT personnel; we want to protect the business from next generation cyberattacks,” explains Troy. It is pertinent to mention that Axiom is able to offer their services, hardware, software and support for less than the cost of buying the hardware itself.

In addition to Axiom’s proprietary firewall technology, the company offers the entire security fabric for customers depending on the size, scope and depth of their business. Some additional features that they offer include Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR), next generation managed antivirus, deception grid technology (honeypots), secure storage and recovery, secure and encrypted PBX phone systems, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, post-breach eradication & remediation, and on-demand reporting for a low monthly subscription.

In an instance, Axiom helped a large private school that had a recent and public ransomware attack. Even though the school had data backups, it took over 8 hours to recover their data. After learning about Axiom’s solution, the school implemented Axiom to protect their network. The installation took less than 5 minutes and Axiom has blocked additional ransomwares that were targeted at the school.

One of the most important features of Axiom’s next generation firewall technology is that it is self-learning and dynamic rather than a static appliance that only “alerts” when events happen. When attacks such as a denial of service or a ransomware attack occur, their defenses take action by not only blocking the activity but also identifying the source of the attack. For the future, Axiom will continue to focus on helping small and medium businesses get the protections they need, as well as fully manage them so that the business can focus on what they do best. “With the launch of our software plugin for threat intelligence, I see Axiom expanding our management and updating of MikroTik devices as a crucial business unit,” says Shannon.


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