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Continuous Protection

The past year has witnessed an array of cyberattacks against some of the most prominent institutions in the US. These breaches, which have affected approximately 353 Mn customers collectively, are becoming more sophisticated with each passing day. Compliance alone cannot safeguard an organization from these growing cyber threats, and there is a need for a more proactive approach, geared toward the industry's changing risk posture. Florida based Silent Breach's solution to these growing threats that firms are facing is called 'Continuous Shield Protect'. The solution offers pro-active vulnerability scanning combined with log analysis and configuration change management which is key to continuously monitor the digital assets that companies are seeking to protect. Silent Breach's unique threat intelligence solution combines both pro-active and re-active measures, to offer a 360-degree protection.

Silent Breach's threat intelligence program is built around the malware sharing platform that is used by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), to bring companies accurate and up to the minute threat information to be fed into the continuous monitoring engine. Firms will also receive a feed by email or RSS to stay informed of the latest phishing and malware attempts around the globe.

Silent Breach's approach to cyber security is holistic, and have a common interest that a firm's digital assets are well protected. These digital assets come in different forms, obviously the customer's PII is of the utmost importance, the POS systems and any financial information withheld is crucial data as well, securing all this data at rest and in motion is definitely a challenge. The company puts their reputation on the line when they onboard a new customer with rock solid methodology to protect clients. The first step in Silent Breach's approach is understanding the security posture of the retailer, by performing risk analysis, threat modeling and business impact analysis following well established standards (NIST-800 and ISO 27xxx family of standards).

This module has three main benefits: first Silent Breach learns about the customer, allowing to build reports that quantify their current security posture and define the security controls to continuously monitor. The second benefit of going deep in the customer's current security implementation is giving Incident Response team the background information their need to be able to step in quickly and hit the ground running in case of a breach. The third benefit is that it gives Silent Breach's penetration test teams some valuable intel to perform grey box attacks, pentests are included in the continuous monitoring program because nothing beats real life testing, in real life conditions. Once Silent Breach has continuous monitoring setup, their global incident response team briefed and up to speed, and the penetration team has done its magic, Silent Breach follow up with the firms to propose improvements on a periodic basis to harden their security.

In an instance, one of Silent Breach's customers, a retailer who has branches in Europe and EU was facing major issues owing to regulations such as GDPR. Silent Breach's EU security team worked with the client to assist with local regulations and constraints while keeping the business strategy aligned. Silent Breach's solutions can be fragmented to work out of different SOCs to isolate customer's data and PII, to the country where the branch is located. By having local resource that are able to assist in case of an incident, this really helped give the retailer the support they needed to deploy their omni-channel strategy around the globe.

For the days ahead, Silent Breach is looking towards growing rapidly in India, Hong Kong and Japan alongside making their presence felt in Singapore also. The company knows that the cyber security landscape is changing at a pace never seen before in the industry, and nowhere more so than in Asia, hence their penetration in the Asian markets will benefit organizations.


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Marc Castejon
CEO & Founder


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