Steve Booker, President & CEO
Marie Booker, Senior Vice President

Empowering Nursing Homes to Provide Excellent Care

Even though the demands placed on the long-term care industry seems to become greater and more burdensome year after year, there is a solution that helps to address this. Steve Booker, President and CEO and Marie Booker, Senior Vice President of Nurse Rosie Products have revolutionized the nursing home arena through their solution RosieConnect 2.0 owing to the product’s boundless potential and ease of use. “Studies show that accurate and timely data help providers reduce unnecessary hospital readmissions, improve clinical outcomes as well as address the concerns of regulatory fines and employee turnover,” says Steve. “The work flow efficiencies provided by RosieConnect 2.0 help build a happier and more engaged workforce, and also help to generate higher star quality ratings and improved marketability across the entire industry.”

Nurse Rosie Products began in 1977 as a distributor of cutting-edge technology to hospitals. It wasn’t long before the company recognized a need for technological improvements in the nursing home industry. This healthcare segment faced challenges such as tight budgets and lack of a biomedical department and to be honest, most manufacturers weren’t interested in pursuing their business because the hospital market was much more lucrative. About 25 years ago, Nurse Rosie Products transitioned from hospitals to long-term care and made it their goal to address these unique needs and improve the quality of care through upgraded technology. “We were the first to combine an automated blood pressure monitor, tympanic or oral thermometer and pulse oximeter on a rolling cart. One of our first customers named our cart “Rosie” and the name stuck,” says Marie. “We are now offering Rosie 4 and the RosieConnect 2.0 platform, which takes the data from ‘Rosie’ and other point-of-care devices and delivers it wirelessly into the Electronic Health Record (EHR).”

“Studies show that accurate and timely data help providers reduce unnecessary hospital readmissions, improve clinical outcomes as well as address the concerns of regulatory fines and employee turnover,” says Steve.

Nurse Rosie Products has risen to the top of the industry by offering high-quality, durable equipment that can withstand the rigors of institutional use. Their affordable in-house lease plans and top-of-the-field technical support were just what was needed to change the standard of care for taking vital signs in nursing homes. Now, with the addition of automated data transfer, their nursing home customers know that if any support is needed, there is only one number to call for technical assistance. All of the Rosie-branded devices such as the RosieScan Bladder Scanner and Rosie RealTime blood glucose meters have been sourced specifically to best meet the needs of the long-term care market.

Nurse Rosie’s suite of point-of-care devices contribute to increased efficiency, reduced hospital readmissions and improved accuracy, especially when used in conjunction with the Rosie Connect 2.0 data transfer platform. Rosie Connect 2.0 is embedded in a touchscreen tablet mounted to the mobile vital signs cart. This reduces steps back and forth to a nursing computer kiosk and keeps all of the equipment safe and secure. The tablet can also be used to access their EHR for other data entry requirements.

Marie says as nursing home management introduces RosieConnect 2.0 as their new standard operating procedure, the caregivers are more open to embracing change. Once the caregivers in a nursing home facility fully embrace the utilization of RosieConnect 2.0, they often see immediate results. Capturing a patient’s vitals, for example, can be done in just a fraction of the time that it would take normally, plus the caregiver does not have to make unnecessary steps going back and forth to the kiosk or the nurses’ station to do their documentation.

The company’s next project on their road map is RosieOne, a mobile platform configured to support unlimited services, including telehealth. “As a company, we have tremendous pride in our past; but, more importantly, we maintain our positioning of being the visionary who will continue to develop and provide relevant solutions to the ever-changing needs across the long-term care industry,” adds Marie.


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Marie Booker
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