Kevin Mullins, CEO & Founder

Video Capture Solutions at its Best

Kevin Mullins’ ability to leverage relationships and develop industry foresight to scale his company Intrensic–from startup in 2014 to a top software solution for public safety in less than three years–is commendable. The CEO & Founder’s passion towards forging relationships with partners to create a world class company is what has transformed him into a steadfast leader who has the capability to transform not just companies but also humans.

Kevin has more than 25 years of financial management experience, technology industry leadership, software design expertise, and growth scale proficiency. He has been able to transfer a strong financial background to the foundation of a very successful software company. “The core to building and scaling a successful business is an acute understanding the budgets, balance sheets, and income statements,” says Kevin. “Moving from financial markets to a software platform is probably not a natural migration but I have always had a keen interest in software and performed many Intellectual Property valuations when considering financing ventures.” Today, Intrensic has culminated into one of the fastest growing companies in the body worn market and a new industry standard for video evidence management.

"The core to building and scaling a successful business is an acute understanding the budgets, balance sheets, and income statements."

Intrensic has taken great pride in creating the world’s premier digital evidence and video management software solutions. Their open source platform works with many Body Worn Cameras available today, the company decided from the start that they did not want to be a camera manufacturer. Kevin was able to leverage relationships and partner with the greatest camera company in the world – GoPro. “By not having to spend time and dollars to build camera technology, our path was made much easier, as by partnering with GoPro we were able to leverage brand recognition and focus on what we do best – building amazing software platforms,” adds Kevin.

As the body worn camera market began to explode numerous organizations simply looked towards Asia to provide camera hardware for the public safety market. Most, if not all, of these companies went out of business soon after the customer soon realized it was virtually impossible to manage and scale large numbers of video files with off-the-shelf software provided by the camera manufacturers. Intrensic’s approach was different – to offer a dynamic, cloud storage solution, which allows unlimited storage and distribution across the enterprise. In an instance the company recently had a large customer requesting a customization to import a non-standard file type from a camera totally outside of Intrensic’s platform. An officer had been injured and the only evidence was captured from the legacy camera. “We custom wrote an application to import the files and this saved the agency a huge amount of time and resources,” explains Kevin. “The Command Staff of the agency provided us with a commendation for “going above and beyond” what any other vendor had ever done.”

Intrensic’s platform not only manages video but is a full Digital Evidence Management Platform (DEMS). Further their solution imports video, audio, photos, and imbeds the information directly into the user’s reports. They take the system further by adding a Case Management module which allows the agency to share an entire case and all evidence with prosecuting entities.

The company for the road ahead is currently working to add a full Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Records Management System (RMS) so that Intrensic can port information from “cradle to grave”, basically managing the initial 911 call all the way through the prosecution. Additionally, Intrensic is working with GoPro to move their software into the healthcare vertical to manage surgically captured video.




Kevin Mullins
CEO & Founder


Intrensic is the most advanced video capture platform for Law Enforcement.

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