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Ultra-distance running and cycling sports require a tremendous amount of pre-planning, practice and training. Although these are individual endurance sports, they often involve large teams that help manage and support the athlete through the multi-day events. Often, the team’s capabilities and execution define the outcome for the athlete. Being a long time participant in such competitive events has helped Ron Whitmill understand how important team dynamics, goal setting and preparation are to success. Ron understands that having a good plan and executing that plan is vitally important – not only for sports, but also for building an organization.

As CEO and co-owner, Ron helped build NuCompass Mobility into a globally renowned relocation company. NuCompass differentiates itself from the competition by providing cutting-edge technology, in conjunction with high-touch service delivery, in a meaningful way for its customers. The core philosophy at NuCompass is that technology and services depend on each other and – when executed correctly, make each other better.

"We’re passionate about giving our clients and their transferring employees the best possible customer service experience. We’re driven every day to find new solutions that are easy-to-use and improve the overall experience. That means we will always be evolving."

While the relocation industry as a whole has been slow to adapt to new technologies, NuCompass has always had a strong emphasis on changing the landscape of relocation through technology. Throughout Ron’s 20-year tenure, the company has won multiple awards for their initiatives – from being the first to market with mobile apps to offering inventive self-service options for transferring employees.

As corporate clients migrated to new HR and talent management platforms, NuCompass developed its own cloud-based platform, called CoPilot™. CoPilot automates the relocation process, integrates with suppliers and other HR ecosystems, and provides extremely accurate reporting and tax compliance. With CoPilot, NuCompass is able to customize and scale service delivery to fit each client’s relocation program requirements.

NuCompass delivers a wide range of US Domestic and Global Mobility services that assist corporations in relocating their employees around the world. Services include destination and departure services, such as home sale, temporary housing and household goods moves.

The company is always working to improve the experience for transferring employees and reduce costs for its clients. As an example, NuCompass recently launched a more efficient process for performing household goods surveys. Most relocation firms order traditional surveys, which involves van line staff going to the relocating employee’s home to physically inspect all belongings. To eliminate this time consuming and intrusive process, NuCompass integrated with an online video survey application, which enables transferring employees to video chat with a surveyor to easily capture what’s needed for an accurate estimate. This method not only reduces stress for relocating employees, but also provides faster quotes and lower costs.

NuCompass has an excellent team of professionals that are skilled in their roles and work toward a common strategy and mission. With a transparent and balanced communications style, Ron ensures all departments are current and relative to each other. He promotes a success-oriented, accountable and collaborative environment that fosters a teamwork approach, facilitating rapid technology development. “Our ability to keep people long-term sets us apart. My job is to tap into that talent to make sure everyone is heard and contributes, so we get all points of view on the table,” says Ron.

Similar to his endurance sports teams, Ron also strives to maintain a culture of integrity, grace and compassion in the office. He finds ways to continually explore and nurture the company’s vision – testing it against client demands every day and being willing to consider solutions that others might find unconventional. According to Ron, “We’re passionate about giving our corporate clients and their transferring employees the best possible service experience. Every day, we’re driven to find new solutions that are easy-to-use and improve the overall experience. That means we will always be evolving.”


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NuCompass offers a full range of US and global mobility services and our award-winning CoPilot technology to increase productivity, reduce costs, and enhance the relocation experience.

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