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A Company Built Around Fanatical Customer Service

For Richard Porter, President of Cinch IT, it is the chase, the daily progress and the passion that makes it all worth it. Richard popularly known as Rick is a US Army veteran and a graduate of Ranger School, the Army’s premiere leadership school. Ranger students train to exhaustion, pushing the limits of their minds and bodies and Rick brings a similar level of intensity to Cinch IT. Always striving for perfection and never settling and with his attention to detail and a strong belief in Process and Consistency he has formed a solid foundation of a great organization–Cinch IT. "The US Army Rangers and the greatest entrepreneurs in the business community can both agree that great leaders lead from the front," says Rick.

Since 2004, Cinch IT has been providing IT services to organizations in the Massachusetts area of all sizes and from all industries including Healthcare, Investment & Financial, Construction & Industrial, Insurance, Law and more. The company’s mission is to provide highly customized, state of the art technology solutions that are designed around a client’s business needs. The company takes the time to learn about a customer’s business and their goals before recommending a single solution. Cinch IT provides increased efficiency and expertise at a fraction of the cost for businesses to have the same in house. They also provide thought leadership to enable businesses to move their processes into the 21st century. “We are a customer service business before a technology business. We strongly believe that there are so many impressive technical solutions today but the core of our business is customer service. It is why clients choose to do business with us and why they continue to today,” adds Rick. “Our all-inclusive support structure ensures that we have the ability and/or partnerships to be able to tackle any and all technology challenges that our clients face.”

" The US Army Rangers and the greatest entrepreneurs in the business community can both agree that great leaders lead from the front. "

At Cinch IT, it’s all about their clients. The entire company becomes an extension of the customer’s organization by offering customized services that takes Cinch IT a step ahead from their competitors. Their 24x7x365 monitoring and proactive approach assists firms in saving their time and concentrating on the more important work that can take the customers towards increased ROI. The company’s all-inclusive pricing helps in saving big dollars and get a safe, secure network that has a complete backup and disaster recovery solution in place. “The fact that we built our entire business around our relationships with our clients is the important aspect. Every policy and procedure we have created starts and ends with how it will better our relationships with our clients,” explains Rick.

For the budding entrepreneurs, Rick advises that many CEO’s in the industry are also the primary technician behind the business and surrounding oneself with talented individuals empowers them to lead their respective areas of expertise while holding the highest standards of excellence. “You need to surround yourself with brilliant people be it coworkers, friends, advisors, and other vendors. They will challenge you and together you will push each other to be better,” adds Rick. Culture is another important aspect of Rick’s steadfast leadership as he believes that culture is one of the most important secrets to success.

For the days to come, Cinch IT is working towards enhancing their services and solutions and has also recently developed Cinch University. This is a training center located in the corporate headquarters offices in Worcester that will act as an instructor lead classroom dedicated to the education of the clients and also offer online classroom programs.


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Cinch IT provides business computer support, general IT support, web design and more to businesses in Worcester, MA.

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