Manish Bazari, Founding Director

Pioneers in Spend Governance

As a steadfast entrepreneur, Manish Bazari, Founding Director, Principal Consultant and Product Architect of Empronc Solutions saw numerous complexities in timely payment to employees and vendors. He observed a lack of user discipline in the submitting expenses correctly—in time and within policy, movement of paper from desk to desk for approvals and verification and approvers lack of awareness of their authority while approving. With his expansive experience of more than two decades in conceptualization, simplification and marrying technology solution to business productivity gains, Bazari culminated BAZ—addressing the needs of an enterprise with respect to operations, processes, compliance and workflows. “We are providing the opportunity to organizations to continuously improve their accounts payable and operational procurement processes.”

Today, organizations are able to derive high levels of internal financial controls, mitigation of intentional and unintentional expense fraud through system and process driven controls and are able to maintain lean finance teams to manage growth in volumes efficiently—thanks to Empronc Solutions.

As a mature product which has been implemented and delivered value successfully across a wide spectrum of Industry verticals, BAZ brings on the table best practices and a centre of competence approach to Spend Governance with minimal of efforts. The company’s target customers include ERP and non ERP customers. “ERP customers implement BAZ to establish greater controls on their processes with eventual accounting and payment data interchange. As we service, complement and compete with ERP implementations, we have a very modular approach,” adds Bazari. A customer can implement the solution so that their TCO is optimised from alleviating pain, bring in more internal financial control and savings in large ERP license deployments. So a customer having only implemented accounts payable in ERP can take the complete BAZ product suite including processes for managing operational procurement (from Requisition, ordering, Receipts to invoice matching), vendor management, Rate contract management, non PO invoices, employee reimbursements, travel management, petty cash/card expense management, fixed assets management, managing the utilities/other such variable but regular payments and managing property rental/other such regular fixed payment. All of this under a spend budget control framework with audit traces, document storage, tablet based initiation and mobile based approvals.

" We have a vision to be a global leader In Enterprise Spend Governance space by focusing on Customers and Employees Guided by our core values."

According to industry experts, BAZ is a highly evolved and mature product for enterprises. Its key implementation benefits include internal controls that can be exercised easily, standardization and automation of spend processes resulting in reduced people dependency, system driven company spend policy implementation, spend policy changes and delegation of authority change management facilitated. The product also assists in implementing budget management in real time, setting up on-line budgetary controls for better cost management for all types of spends, customer service levels improve as productivity improves in data entry and backend bill processing, payments, approvals and information flow, with usage of bar coding enhance productivity significantly.

Empronc Solutions for the days to come will continue to invest in the mobility space and continue to stick to their knitting while continuously improving the plethora of product and services. The company is keen to maintain focus on improving the capabilities and compete with the leading ERP’s and continuously add value to their customers and employees guided by Empronc Solution’s core Values of Innovation, Integrity, Reliability, Agility and strive for Excellence. “We have a vision to be a global leader In Enterprise Spend Governance space by focusing on Customers and Employees Guided by our core values,” concludes Bazari.


Empronc Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Manish Bazari
Founding Director, Principal Consultant and product Architect


Empronc provides software product BAZ to centrally manage and control their administrative, it, branch setup and other capital and operational expenditures including vendor invoice processing, employee travel reimbursements, rents and utilities.

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