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Next-Generation Cybersecurity Solutions

Trustlook is a cybersecurity company based in Silicon Valley. Their CEO and co-founder, Allan Zhang, saw an opportunity to do security better during his work at Palo Alto Networks, and worked toward developing a solution that goes beyond the existing security tools available today, and detects and addresses zero-day vulnerabilities and advanced malware.

Trustlook has its roots with the consumer, and has 75 million users across all its security apps. They also power the security for apps with user bases totaling more than 250 million. The success of these early offerings gained the recognition of third-party rating firms, such as AV-TEST, and gave the company faith that its approach to security was better than traditional signature methods.

Today, Trustlook offers products for consumers, app developers, OEMs, systems integrators, and large enterprises. They provide solutions for mobile, the IoT, and network appliances. Essentially, anyone looking to improve the security of an app or computing device can benefit from Trustlook’s technology. The company provides out-of-the-box products that developers or device manufacturers can use immediately. In other cases, a custom build is offered, depending on the requirements of the device and computing environment.

" Our key differentiator is using AI across all of our products. "

According to Trustlook, the biggest issue for many security professionals is keeping up with the increased number of threats. That is why Trustlook focuses extensively on Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the foundation for all their security products. Whether it is a mobile product or an IoT product, the important thing for them is to quickly and intelligently process threat data to improve product performance. ''Our key differentiator is using AI across all of our products," explains Zhang

Trustlook employs both static and dynamic malware analysis, depending on the product. For example, their mobile security product scans files statically, looking for anomalies. It also performs behavioral analysis by running files in a cloud-based sandboxTrustlook 's SECUREai Core product, designed for network appliances and firewalls, is and other harrnful network attacks before they can infiltrate and cause problems. Regardless of which detection method is being employed, all have machine learning and AI at their core.

Paying attention to the needs of the marketplace, and staying nimble, has allowed Trustlook to take advantage of growth opportunities. For instance, Huawei, the globally renowned mobile device maker, was looking for a way to improve the quality and reputation of its app store. It needed to be sure that the apps it featured in the store were safe for its users to download. Huawei had already been using Trustlook 's mobile security product in all its smartphones inChina, and through working together, the two companies discovered that Trustlook had this additional capability because of all the apps and data it was collecting. Trustlook productized the solution, now called SECUREai SaaS, and offered it to Huawei. The product scans apps to determine their safety. It generates a report with details on the behaviors and risks associated with an app, and clearly identifies those apps that are safe, and those that are maliciou s, making for a much better experience for Huawei 's users.

Going forward, Trustlook is excited about the direction of its network appliance and IoT security offerings. Both segments are perfectly suited for Trustlook 's next generation AI-based security approach. Moreover, their IoT security solution is unique, and is in a space that desperately needs to take security seriously." Those will be the main drivers of growth for Trustlook," concludes Zhang.




Allan Zhang
Founder & CEO


Trustlook provides mobile security solution that goes beyond the existing tools available today, and detects and addresses zero - day vulnerabilities and advanced malware.

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