Erica Strausberger, Director of Domestic Business Development

Computhink is the creator of Contentverse, a leading content management and work process automation system to help organizations structure and secure their information.

At Computhink, we know that Matter Management is a crucial part of any law firm’s operation. With the growing reliance on fast and comprehensive e-discovery and the organization of digital content, law firms need to consider signing up for an electronic document management system. Unlike the everyday user or small business that utilizes document management, law firms have unique needs. If they don’t adhere to comprehensive security and compliance, there is an unacceptable risk factor for themselves and their clients.

Computhink has established a reputation for dynamic secure business solutions with a generous feature set over years in the industry. The company continues to grow its offerings as the market changes. “Contentverse has changed with the technology in this industry and with the growing needs of a wide variety of markets, especially Legal,” according to Erica Strausberger, Computhink’s Director of Domestic Business Development.

“Our software is very flexible and solves legal challenges that every firm or department has.” Documents can be scanned, electronically saved, or generated by third party applications, in any format, and saved into Contentverse where they are easily searched and made accessible for collaboration. Access is dependent on security settings, providing complete control over what users can and cannot do. Drag and drop features speed the time for building your knowledge base. Office documents, emails, spreadsheets, PDFs, even social media posts can be incorporated into new or existing case files with ease. Contentverse even enables high-speed production capture as part of your litigation or e-discovery process. It enables auto indexing of matter number allocation and storing of files in an intuitive digital file cabinet custom to your needs. The software allows retrieval of files quickly by a flexible set of search options. Contentverse supports automatic version control and date/time stamping, enabling litigation to select and separate out what is important.

" Matter Management where speed, simplicity, and ease of use are the norm. "

Many of the features that competitors are boasting about selling as add-ons or separate modules today, Computhink has included in the core Contentverse product for years. Version control and document retention, double layered encryption for protecting sensitive legal files, auditing abilities to monitor the entire history of any document or user within Contentverse – these are features any legal firm or department absolutely needs, and they come standard within Contentverse.

When working on a case, you never know how many parties will need to get involved. A case may require the work of other attorneys, staff members, summer associates, and paralegals in order to reach completion. The addition of hands from various areas or departments makes it easier for pieces to get lost in the shuffle. With Contentverse’s consolidated content management system, that won’t happen anymore. You’ll always know who was working on what part of the case, and when. Once the legal risks are identified for your business, Contentverse allows you to create the necessary controls. Every file you put into the system can have its own set of regulations that can be adjusted if needed. Have those annual reports or practice licenses automatically show up on your desktop a week before renewal or sent off to a recipient to sign at just the right time.

When it comes to legal practices, confidentiality and reliance are two attributes clients always look for. To meet these expectations, law firms need a system in place that guarantees privacy and offers security. A data breach can hurt any business, but it can truly ruin a legal practice. Private records, a client’s history, case-related evidence, and sensitive information – classified data of this variety should always be encrypted, even during transit. Securing files in Contentverse is simple yet compliant with the most stringent regulatory requirements. History logs and audit trail files track all activity at the document and system level. “Contentverse includes advanced security and encrypts files during storage. This ensures your legal documents are kept out of the wrong hands while still available to the right people in your firm,” according to Strausberger. “Contentverse also provides real-time, automated notifications of actions and optional digital signature solutions.” Notifications will keep you abreast of new additions to the system.

As soon as important documents enter the system, an email will arrive in your inbox. When that document comes in, you can work on it or give your approval and immediately hand it off to the appropriate staff member.

Contentverse is an award-winning enterprise content management system that will improve your law firm’s processes and simplify your workday. You’ll know precisely when work gets completed or a new important document has entered your system (expected or not). Contentverse takes care of legal industry compliance requirements and keeps track of contractual obligations so you don’t have to. Legal practices can trust Computhink to keep their data safe, carefully encrypted, and in the right hands. With our ECM solution for matter management, accessibility belongs to the administrator and no file is lost forever. You can rest assured that your documents will be organized, secure, and easy-to-locate with Contentverse.




Erica Strausberger,
Director of Domestic Business Development


Computhink are the creators of Contentverse, Enterprise Content Management that protects and organizes your documents, ensuring security and accessibility.

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