Scott Bernard, CEO

Telepsychiatry at Its Best

Today, uncertainty looms over the healthcare market owing to on-going concerns about the future of ACA, funding of healthcare, Medicaid expansion, provider reimbursement, changes to the current regulatory market, and new advancements in medicine and healthcare technology. The behavioral health market is sensitive to these market challenges, and is further hampered by severe provider shortages that result in an inability of most payers and facilities to deliver timely access to mental health and substance use treatment programs and clinicians. Rural and other underserved settings and patients with specialty care needs are particularly vulnerable to provider shortages. e-Psychiatry’s large national panel of telepsych providers in all 50 states provides consistent, timely access to behavioral health services for health plans, employers, facilities and consumers, regardless of geography, specialty needs, level of care, patient age, or funding streams.

Since 2007, e-Psychiatry has been a leader in the telepsych industry. e-Psychiatry’s early business model focused on establishing a large national panel of telepsychiatrists and other behavioral health clinicians for facility staffing. As a result of this, e-Psychiatry amassed a national panel of thousands of telepsychiatrists, nurse practitioners, psychologists, and therapists who share an interest in delivering telepsych services as an important part of their practices. Over time, e-Psychiatry built their own proprietary technology and launched the e-Psychiatry direct patient care marketplace where payers, providers and consumers can all find the behavioral health products and services they need, including on-line provider meds management, therapy and consultations, telepsych networks and jobs. Today e-Psychiatry is already focused on tomorrow, and on the remarkable ways in which they can continuously refine technology, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), for payers, providers and patients to transform the behavioral health industry.

e-Psychiatry has been repeatedly ranked as a leader in the telepsych space because of their behavioral health specialization, complete telepsych platform, large national panel of telepsych providers, and comprehensive service offerings that make them the perfect scalable partner for health plans and facilities. They are also an ideal partner for large telemedicine companies that lack behavioral health specialization. e-Psychiatry’s extensive experience in the delivery of behavioral services, medical management, UR/cost containment strategies, and provider networks allows them to partner with health plans and other payers and employers who want to boost patient access to services, while reducing medical costs.

An example of e-Psychiatry’s facilities-based offerings is their multi-site and multi-state telepsych programs that capitalize on their technology to coordinate all telepsych services for the entire organization through an online, centralized, cost-efficient team of telepsych providers. e-Psychiatry staffs the behavioral health team which then provides any number of services by HIPAA secure videoconference, including clinical care to inpatient, outpatient, PHP, RTC and IOP levels of care, ED evaluations, medical floor consults, PCP consults, Medical Director services, and even participation on QI and credentialing committees.

Over time, e-Psychiatry’s branding has become synonymous with telepsychiatry. e-Psychiatry will remain an important thought leader in the telepsych space, innovating new ways to deliver services to large patient populations via payer partnerships and DTC in an increasingly more sophisticated manner that ushers in the next era of behavioral health services. Their robust e-PsychiatryPro telepsych platform will be the vehicle for continued growth within the behavioral health space over the next decade as payers, facilities and providers look for increasingly innovative ways to use digital health, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver less costly services, with better outcomes. e-Psychiatry remains committed to ushering in the age of digital health while continuing to advance the behavioral health industry, one planet at a time.




Scott Bernard
CEO & President


e-Psychiatry provides telepsychiatry services, staffing and technology, health systems, outpatient clinics, EDs, FQHCs.

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