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Today in the education arena, numerous school districts have been overrun with technology as classrooms need much more than just chalkboards.This is leading to educational institutions facing budget upheavals owing to improper planning or sudden expenditures. Contemporary Computer, Inc. (CCSI) has been a leader in offering managed services from discovery, planning, design, and implementation for their clients thus allowing school districts to get ahead of costs and focus on the student's education.

CCSI was founded in 1974 and for over 40 years has been providing solutions to the education space as well as other SLED entities and commercial and enterprise customers. As technology has migrated, CCSI has been a leader in offering new technology solutions to their clients. Today, CCSI is a leader in cyber security, cloud solutions, and data center. "We are loyal to our cause and we focus on delivering results. Our strategy is that if we do the right things for our customers to be successful, that takes care of our competition," says John Riconda, CEO of CCSI. The company uses a life cycle services model where CCSI will provide custom solutions to each customer, instead of using a cookie-cutter approach CCSI will align technology to the business issues at hand alongside maintaining key partnerships with leading technology vendors.

CCSI was one of the first cloud providers in the country by launching eSchoolData. This was a breakthrough technology and allowed school districts to have access to their student records via a simple portal with no hardware or development needed. CCSI has defined many use cases that deliver new applications, with speed to deliver new applications and for securing these applications for the teacher, professor, and student . In today 's connected world, CCSI has helped empower schools to extend their teaching platforms for a better and more convenient experience. One such example is providing secured mobility where students can be located anywhere, and with proper user rights, can extend the virtual classroom to any location.

" We are loyal to our cause and we focus on delivering results. Our strategy is that if we do the right things for our customers to be successful, that takes care of our competition "

CCSI has served some of the largest school districts and knows it's the knowledge above the technology that is specific to education that makes CCSI unique. CCSI recruits from top firms to acquire very specific skill sets. The company makes it a point that their sales and technical teams are well trained, that they listen to each customer and truly understand their needs. CCSI's life cycle services approach allows the staff to offer any combination of discovery, planning, implementation, operation, and optimization services.

The company plans to continue making heavy investments in cybersecurity, cloud services that includes SD-X, hyper converged platforms. One example is the merging of cloud services and cybersecurity. The CCSI roadmap for 2018 has a terrific lineup that will cater in this area. "We just Released" Cost Containment as a Service' which helps customers who've already committed to the cloud, the ability to see if there's a better way to align and use resources so they optimize the spend," says Riconda. "Our team will work with faculty and staff to streamline operations within your school, enabling your teachers to focus on what matters most: educating the student."




John Riconda,


CCSI provides technology services and solutions, bringing value and collaboration to companies overcome challenges and identify opportunities to achieve results.

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