John DiGennaro, CEO

Revolutionizing Learning Management System

Ohio based Qwickly was started around a single plugin for the Blackboard LearnLearning Management System; this plugin allowed instructors to take actions across multiple courses in a single step, without visiting each course site. Today, Qwickly has changed the paradigm of how users interact with Blackboard.''Most learning management systems are course-centric and require a user to go into a course to complete a task, like posting an announcement to students," says John DiGennaro, CEO and Co-Founder of Qwickly.The company's multi-course module turns this paradigm upside down and makes Blackboard user-centric, allowing instructors to complete critical yet time consuming tasks to be across multiple courses in a single action, making the learningmanagement system more efficient and allowing instructors to get back to the real goal: teaching.

The company is solving numerous education challenges like collecting accurate course attendance data and processing that data for retention or compliance all the while filling gaps in the present learning management systems. Founded in 2013, Qwickly, an educational software company that specializes in user experience enhancements to learning management systems has created numerous revolutionary products that are changing the way educational institutes work.

Qwickly allows instructors to select documents stored in Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox and Box and push them out to students for course work. In fact, these documents can be shared with multiple courses using the Qwickly multi-course module, saving time for the instructors. In addition, Qwickly allows linking out to documents stored in these cloud storage services, so large files like video and other multimedia files don't take up large amounts of storage on the learning management server. This also enables students to contribute to documents stored in the cloud, creating instructor-to-student and student-to-student collaborative document workflows. Finally, Qwickly's solutions also allow students to submit documents stored in these cloud services as assignments in Blackboard Learn.

" Most learning management systems are course-centric and require a user to go into a course to complete a task, like posting an announcement to students. "

There are three difference integration points for these file selections: the Qwickly multi-course course tool, allowing instructors to share files to multiple courses at once; a course tool, allowing instructors to enter a course and deploy a file in any content area or folder in the course; a Blackboard Mashup tool, which allows instructors and students to create links to documents in cloud storage in any of the text editors within Blackboard. One of the over-arching examples of how Qwickly + Cloud has benefited clients is in the K-12 sector, where many schools moved to Google Apps, and specifically using Google Drive and Google Docs to store and edit documents and wanted to have direct access to these files in their learning management system: Blackboard Learn.

Recently, Qwickly announced two additions to its offerings in the attendance space: Qwickly Attendance+ and Qwickly Attendance Pro. These product lines are currently being developed and will be available in early 2018. The company is also working on a slew of updates to Qwickly Jot to add more power and features for instructors and students alike. Their aim is to provide teachers a way to see how their students are thinking as they complete assignments and provide meaningful feedback. “We aim to accomplish both of these goals in updates coming to the product for the 2018-19 school year. Also our second user event, Qwickly Seminar 2018 will allow administrators, instructional designs, and faculty a chance to see live sessions with our products, discover how other schools are using our solutions, and get a peak at what’s coming for the next school year,” adds DiGennaro.


Qwickly, Inc.


John DiGennaro
Co-founder & CEO


Qwickly is a user-centric platform for Blackboard which provides access to connect students together, facilitating group interaction through modules or course tools.

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