Medi Falsafi, CEO

Innovative Imaging

With a background in architecture and an MBA from Harvard Business School, Medi Falsafi purchased printing equipment and set up shop and went on to create American Blueprinting Company. The sole aim of the company was to provide premium quality reprographic services to architects, engineers, and contractors. Falsafi's architectural knowledge made it easy for him to understand how to provide print solutions to the building design and construction industries and he grew what was to be a temporary venture into a multimillion dollar business.

ABC leveraged the evolution of the Internet and launched Blueprint Online which at the time was revolutionary and years ahead of traditional Plan rooms. ABC’s reputation for color and image quality and consistency globally has attracted the attention of many retailers for international rollouts. Today, ABC has grown from just a blueprinting company for the AEC market into a full service printing company providing technology and print solutions to customer in the high end retail market such as Estee Lauder, Fossil, Chanel, Maserati, Brooks Brothers, Christian Dior and many more.

ABC is able to produce high quality print and professional retouching services at affordable prices and ensure that they are delivered to the appropriate locations and stores on time and on budget. They are able to do this through their custom developed portal specifically for retailers that maintains a database of every ad space in every retail location, the size and type of insert which allows customers to easily determine size, quantity and placement for each of their stores globally thus saving millions in measuring, polling and re-work. “Our innovation in technology driven by our in-house software developers separates us from our competitors. We have evolved into a technology company that happens to be in the print industry,” says Falsafi.

" Our innovation in technology driven by our in-house software developers separates us from our competitors. We have evolved into a technology company that happens to be in the print industry "

According to the steadfast leader, many have said with the onset of digital signage, Internet advertising and Interactive Media that “print is dead”. “Our sales tell a different story! Not only is print thriving, it is growing. The trick is to focus on markets where print will always be necessary,” adds Falsafi. ABC has adapted the industry trends and focuses less on traditional blueprinting and more into retail, restaurants, malls and advertising agencies.

Since ABC’s founding back in 1982, the CEO has based their value system on the Vision to “Impress Every Client, Every Time”. “On the first day, we drafted the ‘Client’s Bill of Rights’ and each employee knows both of these documents word for word. This has been the cornerstone of our belief system and is embedded in our DNA,” says Falsafi. “Our shops do not close until the last order is complete. We are willing to keep our shops open overnight and weekends to ensure that we deliver for our clients.”

ABC was one of the early adopters of 3D Modelling technology which has showed their Architectural Clients the power of 3D Modelling in helping sell their concepts to the Developers. Now they are using the technology for Property Management Companies, Real Estate Companies, Corporate Award programs. The company has also invested heavily in Interactive Media which allows ABC to offer POS Kiosks, Interactive Shop Windows where customers can order using the shop window and have the order picked and ready when they are ready to check out. In the near future, ABC will increase its market share in the B2C & B2B markets with the launch of ABC PrintRoom to compete with Vista Print and Shutterfly. “We will continue to develop innovative software solutions for its clients including mobile apps and the ability to order print products from your phone and pick it up locally,” concludes Falsafi.


ABC Imaging


Medi Falsafi


ABC Imaging provides print solutions and digital document management services for the AEC and other market sectors around the globe.

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