Shailendra Tipparaju, Founder

Total Customer View

Shailendra Tipparaju has always been a steadfast leader and the founder of Strateology, and has taken the company to new heights by leading a team of immensely talented, passionate and humble team. According to Tipparaju, it is very satisfying to see the stamp of the company and the team’s excellence in the products and services that are very positively impacting and enriching the client’s lives daily. “We continue to be forward thinking - anticipating customer needs in advance and creating options’ and look forward to many more years of innovation and multiple industries”, he adds.

Leadership and management style of Strateology has always been values based, culture drives and excellence focused company. Excellence has been the hallmark of their work and results across product deisgn, delivery and support. “Everything we execute is closely measured against the value system that is foundational to us. That is what makes us very appealing to customers, vendors, partners, as well as to our internal teams,” says Tipparaju. Strateology has also institutionalized a transparency and trust in their governance model internally and externally that evokes lot of client and buyer confidence.

The company ensures that they are looking at the solutions and service offerings through the looking glass of their customer. The company has culminated into a leader for creating solutions in the Predictive Analytics, Big Data, Artifical Intelligence solutions that can work in myriad of industries and solve the grown challenges of organizations trying to sieve through mountains of ever growing data to make quick decisions that deliver exceptional growth in revenues and remarkable savings in operations and technology investments to grow. “We have been largely successful in delivering that promise of integrally embedded into client teams. That is why we are very choosy on who we select as clients, and which industries we want to be in,” adds the focused leader.

" Many competitive service companies try to take that 'integral part of client' approach, but since we build the product end-end, operationalize the services, understand the market nuances and the consumer, walk more than we talk, we stand out. "

The company has “Strateology Ambassador Program”, where they send the selected key personnel (that best represent what Strateology stands for) and time their visit to client site for a few weeks at very crucial project timeliness when customers needs them, spending time in client site, be part of their core current and future-focused discussions, get a pulse on the current delivery and measure their satisfaction index, make notes on improvements and show results right away. The ambassadors bring back a tangile actionable deliverable that is shared internally, with their client and promise to deliver the same. “Our value system that we adhere to no matter the circumstance, client trust, and our delivery calibre of the highest order. If someone walks into a room and cannot differentiate between a client employee and Strateology employee, we have accomplished our goal,” adds Tipparaju. “Many competitive service companies try to take that approach but since we build the product, understand the nuances, understand the end consumer, understand the client needs, and walk more than we talk.”

Tipparaju tries best to steer the team and coach them the same way to pursue their passions and not be a boring personality but be all round person, enjoy life to the fullest, laugh and learn everyday, stay curious and humble, share and let others grow with you, and always always be respectful to everyone. The leader follows the principals of being optimist for the future, patience to get to results, curiosity to listen and learn, and do only what appeals to their value system, relentlessly following excellence. “Our research and focus on machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and analytics would result in creating technology solutions that will greatly benefit customers on Predictive Analytics to optimize their sales, operations and technology delivery to the fullest. We intend to showcase that fully and be part of, and lead the path in the new information wave,” says Tipparaju




Shailendra Tipparaju


Strateology provides Application Development and Integration services helps customer organizations in development, integration and aligning applications with their business across all technologies.

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