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The Change-Makers

Ruslan Desyatnikov – CEO, President, and Founder of QA Mentor have taken the world renowned software testing company to new heights only by building a proper organizational culture. For the Quality Assurance genius, surrounding oneself with passionate people who wants to make a difference every day is of extreme importance which can take the company towards success. “You have to make everyone a part of the family at work and establish a culture where there is no room for politics, finger pointing, talking behind each other back but pure transparency and openness,” he explains. “We hire people with big hearts for a long journey who can grow with us and go through water and fire towards achieving our goal of becoming #1 QA Company in the World.”

Founded in 2010 and based in New York, QA Mentor, Inc. is multi-awards winning leading independent software testing company serving 260 clients from Fortune 500 to start ups in 28 countries. With unique products propositions from a crowd sourcing platform with a pool of 12,000 crowd sourced testers to a test management platform, unique and economical services offerings and QA education from e-learning and corporate training, QA Mentor continues its growth, expansion and footprint around the globe to become the top and the best Software Testing Company in the World.

The company builds numerous proprietary QA Methodologies and best practices which have been put together based on 20 years of QA Experience. They have some of very unique propositions based on their “shift quality to the left” framework which was developed at QA Mentor and utilized by many Fortune 500 companies. For Ruslan, to become a leader in QA, there needs to be room for continuous self-improvements, research and development, trainings, and continuous challenges. The company offers plenty of trainings and coaching exercises developed at QA Mentor and all employees go through the e-learning courses which are offered to the entire world at very competitive prices. “We want to train and teach as many people as possible around the world in order to improve quality across the board,” he adds.

" We are planning to acquire at least 2 more QA companies in 2018 and open 3 new locations in India, Pakistan and Philippines "

QA Mentor’s methodology of static testing continues to surprise their clients in number of requirements issues, gaps, inconsistencies which the company identifies as part of their static testing. The company has assisted number of organizations to save hundreds of thousands of dollars by applying static testing techniques to functional requirements user stories, wireframes, data dictionaries and technical documentation. For instance, QA Mentor was involved in static testing of new trading platform which had 47 use case documents. They formed a team of 6 Static Testing professionals and within 4 weeks they had identified more than 700 static testing defects in the use case documents, wireframes and field declaration documents which potentially could of materialized to functional defects.

QA Mentor has been a pioneer in utilizing their own proprietary developed methodologies and approaches which now are utilized across the world as it has been made publicly available on QA Mentor’s web site for anyone who would like to achieve superior quality while testing applications. The company is also making upfront investment for any potential client by assessing their current maturity level of QA plus demonstrating their capabilities for several weeks through their resources for free of charge. During this time, QA Mentor explores existing process, application, business logic behind the application which gives them a very good sense on how many resources is required to support client in the future and what action plan and transformation strategy to put in place by improving and transforming to more mature QA Organization.

For QA Mentor the road ahead looks very challenging as they put some very aggressive goals and objectives in 2018 which need to not only meet but exceed. “We are planning to acquire at least 2 more QA companies in 2018 and open 3 new locations in India, Pakistan and Philippines,” says Ruslan.


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