Shelley Armato, CEO

Streamline Construction Document Process

The journey of becoming a successful woman entrepreneur is not an easy one; there are hardships and struggles which can be demotivating. But, Shelley Armato, CEO of MySmartPlans in Kansas City, has overcome all the hardships in order to become "Kansas Women-Owned Business of the Year" in the construction category. Seeing the need in the construction industry for one system to take information from multiple sources and organize that information in a simple-to-use interface for everyone on the project team, Shelley incorporated MySmartPlans. Alongside her supportive husband, Shelley saw that their vision could not be accomplished with software alone and developed MySmartPlans to battle the status quo of trying to manage all of the project information needs with expensive and complicated software tools, unorganized SharePoint sites and paper.

“Paper, emails, FTP sites, Planrooms, and complicated and expensive enterprise-wide solutions were not fulfilling the need for a simple, powerful, easy-to-use solution to ensure information would be seamlessly and automatically delivered to all project team members while creating an archive of everything that lives on long after the project is complete,” says Shelley. “Software, coupled with our unique Project Information Managers (PIM) model ensures consistent, organized and quality information — creating a solution that changes the way construction projects are managed.”

MySmartPlans has culminated into complete construction project management software, serving the entire lifecycle of any project. The company’s PIM has been supporting numerous renowned clients behind the scenes to make sure all information is complete and managed so the clients can catch problems before they arise. When it comes to construction documents, Shelley thinks a powerful document management strategy can save organizational time and resulting in increased ROI instead of being a cost center.

" Our market challenge is ‘status quo!’ we have been doing it the way for years not realizing what it has been costing them "

The company’s solution has been termed by experts as much more than average project management software—it’s an integrated approach of both human and digital elements to make sure project documents are accessible, transparent, and powerful. MySmartPlans software can be deployed swiftly in 48 hour and training can be as quick as just 45 minutes for an entire team to be experts in MySmartPlans. “No matter your construction documents, we have the ability to get you under control with a strategy that will show you where you can improve. We make you look like a hero with our construction document management strategy,” adds Shelley.

MySmartPlans is focused on other leaders in the industry, ones that support transparency, working towards rewriting business plans for General Contractors. MySmartPlans supports great decisions with accurate verified information while maintaining integrity of the documentation that allows everyone involved in a project to access the same information throughout the job. Being a SaaS solution provider, the company has the capability to support all verticals of every project, becoming distributors and librarians for all stakeholders.

In an instance, one of the company’s renowned client's a Hospital, brought MySmartPlans on board to offer a solution on a key problem where the owner was not getting a fair bid on his glass, he called and asked if MySmartPlans had heard of a shortage in their area of glaziers? MySmartPlans asked him to search his spec book and he found a 50 year warranty for the glass for his project. His prices were seven times the going rate, so he removed the request for a 50 year warranty and then achieved his glass price. This project finished three months ahead of schedule. “Our market challenge is ‘status quo!’ we have been doing it the way for years not realizing what it has been costing them,” adds Shelley.

For the future, MySmartPlans aims at enhancing their technology and encourage their in-house developers developing each project that comes across to enhance customer productivity.




Shelley Armato


MySmartPlans provides complete construction project management software, serving the entire lifecycle of the project.

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