Prabakar P.Selvam, Founder

Industry 4.0 Expert Leader

Prabakar P. Selvam founded Cantier Systems with the mission to provide industry-specific, configurable, manufacturing software that assists customers to realize the benefits faster than implementing generic ERPs and Manufacturing systems. With head office in Singapore, Cantier provides Industry 4.0 aligned MES Software (Manufacturing Execution System) to customers in Asia Pacific. Cantier’s mission has always been to offer integrated, industry specific manufacturing software for manufactures at a reasonable cost. Today, Cantier works with some of the giants of manufacturing industry and the list goes like - Texas Instruments, Cypress, IONICS, Allegro Microsystems, Mitsubishi, Shin-Etsu, Toshiba, Hitachi Cables, Hewtech, SUNPOWER & AG&P.

Prabakar has known that SMART manufacturing is top most business concern with growing technological evolution however manufacturing facilities of today are a patchwork of manual processes and software systems developed decades ago. “Although there are software firms who offer modern MES Software applications, nearly all are too costly and they don’t have all Shop floor functions like Finite Scheduling, Product Costing, Automation Capabilities” adds Prabakar. Cantier MES is a SMART Manufacturing-ready Solution that uses IIoT to improve traceability, visibility, quality and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of the Manufacturing Shop-Floor. This provides real-time and accurate information leading to data-driven decisions. The Key Modules of MES include Product Configuration, Factory Planning, WIP Traceability, Equipment Maintenance, OEE, SPC, Data Collection, Document Control (DCC) and Supply Chain Management.

" They are collecting lot of data but they are not using them all or analyzing them neither. With our Industry 4.0 Road Map and Implementation, they would become a SMART Factory soon. "

While many ERPs in the market focus on the financial aspects of the supply chain, Cantier ERP One is designed specifically to help manufacturers to manage and control their manufacturing activities as a single integrated solution, at an affordable price. This provides various benefits to the customer including real time visibility of the shop floor, product and material traceability, timely decision-making based on real data, lower cost of software acquisition and ownership, paperless environment, and overall improved manufacturing cost. Moreover, as the customer needs grow, it’s easy to add Cantier advanced tools such as Equipment Maintenance and SPC in the same framework.

In an instance Cantier deployed its MES Software in an electronics customer's infrastructure to improve their traceability, quality and equipment maintenance. With the quality data collection from measurement devices, when there will be out-of-control or out-of-Specs, the system provides notifications and if needed it even stops the equipment to avoid poor quality outputs.

While taking Cantier to new heights, Prabakar alongside also advices and guides budding entrepreneurs towards growth. “Most of the entrepreneurs, when they have certain ideas, they spend their time by looking for Investors to start the company. If their business concept allows, they could create revenue on certain related services while building their concept or product and learn the industry/market,” he explains. “That is the way Cantier started while building our MES Software. Once you are able to show your proof of concept, it is easier to attract Investors at a right price and take it to the next level of growth. Or they can grow organically if they want.”

Further discussing about his upcoming Industry 4.0 road map, Selvam Prabakar is working towards Implementation of Milestones in Electronics customer which is also their bench mark for the other industries and customers. “The customer has at present Islands of applications and not well integrated. They are all relying on manual inputs and not able to communicate with equipment/tools in their factory,” he explains. “They are collecting lot of data but they are not using them all or analyzing them neither. With our Industry 4.0 Road Map and Implementation, they would become a SMART Factory soon. ,” concludes Prabakar.


Cantier Systems, Inc.


Prabakar P.Selvam


Cantier Systems provides industry 4.0 aligned mes software that uses iiot to improve traceability, visibility, quality, and overall equipment effectiveness of the manufacturing shop-floor.

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