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By Megan R. Nichols, Freelance Technical Writer

IoT and connected technologies allow for more robust streams of data, which in turn offers detailed information about day-to-day operations in the enterprise world.The real benefit earned through these innovative technologies is the opportunity to leverage real-time data.

Cate Trotter
By Cate Trotter, Head of Trends, Insider Trends.

Just Do It. Nike’s slogan seems more like a mission statement these days. While others may be stuck struggling or hashing out their strategy, Nike is out there just...

Joe Higgins
By Joe Higgins, Senior Systems Administrator (VDI & Desktop Management), The Citco Group of Companies

Nearly every new technology is disruptive to the extent that it’s expected to replace older technologies. Sometimes, as with the cloud, old technology is simply rebranded to make it more appealing...

The Potential and Promise of AI
By Mohamed Kande, Vice Chairman, US Advisory Leader, PwC

Doctors who don’t make mistakes. Judges without biases. Teachers with endless patience who tailor their lessons to each student. And all of this accessible around the world. These are examples that...

Setting Up a Digital Proof-of-Concept Factory initiative
By Hamilton Mann, Director, Digital Marketing and Digital Transformation, Thales Group

Digital Transformation is a crucial topic for companies in today’s rapidly changing and complex environment. Beyond the technologies, digital transformation is about a huge change in culture...

Business Models that are shaking up the Marketplace
By Nagendra P. Bandaru, Sr. Vice President and Chief Executive, Business Process Services, Wipro Limited

These days, all of us live a digital life. We drive, guided by our talking sat-nav systems, our...

Internet of Things (IOT), Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Science, Digital Transformation: Hype or Reality? Facts and Figures
By Maher Chebbo, Chief Commercial Officer, GE

The Internet of things (IoT) is the internetworking of physical devices, vehicles, connected devices...

Instilling digital culture—a common challenge for companies and universities
By Pierre Nanterme, Chairman and CEO, Accenture and Jean-Michel Blanquer, Dean and President of ESSEC Business School

We are in the midst of an unprecedented revolution that is disrupting the economy and management...

By Arvind Ravichandran, Associate Software Engineer, Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions

If you guys have read my previous article, I would have emphasized on the term IPSR, the most essential...

By Philippine de T'Serclaes, Head of Thought Leadership & Strategic Partnerships / Advisor to Chairman & CEO
An E-Book of Cloud Best Practices for Your Enterprise
By Stephen Orban

Over the last eight months, I’ve written a series of posts detailing several best practices for enterprises using (or considering) the cloud. These are practices I encourage any technology executive or...

Cybersecurity technology vs. the GDPR storm: a PM's perspective
By Sriram Ranganathan, MBA Managing Consultant @ Capgemini | Project Manager @ Nike | Cybersecurity | Product Development

The upcoming GDPR implementation deadline – May 25, 2018 - is making organizations within...

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