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Industry Era for Women is a digital magazine featuring CEOs, C-Suite Executives and other pioneers in the Industry. In both print and digital platforms, we serve as a forum for C-level Executives to share their industry experiences that will support and inspire other executives to achieve business goals and stay ahead in the competition.

Presenting leadership, inspiring and influential stories of success from various sector, 'IE for Women' will also accumulate other industry executives talking about current industry trends, CEOs formulating their decisions to lead their company to success not only in sales, marketing and productivity. but also leading to a positive retention of employees, which is the key to success of any company.

You are at the right place indeed, if you are trying to keep informed about the latest career trends or if you are fascinated by some truly outstanding Women Leaders & Entrepreneurs.

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Tech Insights

By Colleen J. Dolezsar,Microsoft Business Intelligence & Analytics.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the new buzz word among HR professionals.

By yvonne zhang, CEO & founder, Aquifer Institute.

I wrote this paper as an internal knowledge sharing document last year to help those

By Lan Liu, PM Intern,TuSimple

A common scenario in a Chinese pediatrics building at midnight looks like this

Megan R. Nichols
By Chloé Meredith, PhD, People Analytics Consultant, iNostix

In the 2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends*, it was stated that the application

By SramanaMitra, Founder & CEO,(1Mby1M).

When SatyaNadella took over as the CEO of Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT), he had

By Lilly Desai,Director, Oracle

was watching an episode of a popular medical series where a senior citizen meets

Russell Ray
By Peggie Koon, CEO & Founder, Leading Change, LLC

In case you haven’t noticed, “Reality” is BIG business. There are “Reality” shows about

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