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The Truth About Cloud Services
By Frank Butler, CEO and President, Syncronet

Is your business leveraging the cloud in the most efficient and least costly way possible that delivers simultaneous value to your clients and your company? For a moment, let’s dismiss the details of...

The Shortage of Skilled Coders and the IT Skills Gap is Fueling the Growth of Citizen Developers
By Dave Landa, CEO, Kintone

The shortage of qualified developers is forcing companies to either go without the tech talent they...

Should Your Business Lease or Own Construction Equipment?
By Megan R. Nichols, Freelance Technical Writer

It's not a secret any longer that infrastructure far and wide needs a lot of attention. Even beyond public works, the future looks ripe with opportunity for construction companies that are ready to capitalize on it.

The Internet of (billions of smart, connected) things
By Andrew Penn, CEO, Telstra

A key to understanding IoT is that it is not a technology revolution, but a customer experience revolution.

The Evolution of MicroEncryption® Type Technology
By Steven R. Russo

The New Reality
Secure and reliable encryption schemes are essential to protect sensitive information held by...

The Future of Increasing Manufacturing Performance
By James Wood, Director, Aptean MES

In a world where margins continue to shrink and capacities have to be used as wisely as possible, manufacturing execution systems (MES) have grown into an essential tool for manufacturers. Here...

The Disturbing Cyber Threat Targeting Medical Devices
By Brian W. Horton, CEO, IT Strategy, Inc

Hackers have found another way to extort the medical community and their patients. There's a disturbing trend of cyber-thieves targeting medical devices in doctors' offices and hospitals. The very...

The distributed Data Center
By Travis L Brown, Director of Technology, Hutto ISD

The data center as we know it, in its massive warehouse style space is evolving. Many corporations and educational facilities are finding that the precious space demands they use to house their...

Magazine Articles Online

Business and IT transformation based on new Cloud technologies
By Vladimir Kuptsov, Sr. Director Infrastructure, HMS Host

Based on my 15 years’ experience in Global IT, I would like to combine major common business transformation issues and successes in a 21st Century. First of all, if business think to stay on a...

Business Magazines Online

The CIO: Thinking like a CEO
By Tim Crawford, CIO Strategic Advisor, AVOA

Over the past 30 years, now is the best time to be a CIO. The role of the CIO is in transition. At the same time, the CIO is increasingly more critical to businesses. The CIO role is moving from a...

The Business Value of Security
By Mark Schwartz, Board Member, DigitalTown

What is the business value of security? If a product owner is making decisions about how to prioritize user stories, features, or work items, how does he or she decide how to prioritize work items related...

The Age of Digital Transformation
By Meg Whitman, CEO, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Although we’ve been anticipating it for years, I think we can all agree that the digital revolution is now transforming every aspect of our lives—at home and in business...

Business Benefits of Getting Six Sigma Certified
By Megan R. Nichols, Freelance Technical Writer

Six Sigma certifications have been around for more than 30 years, first being put into practice by Motorola in 1986.

The 5 biggest security concerns after Wannacry
By Mukul Chopra, Director, Digital Transformation Center, COMPAREX

While we are still reeling from the aftermath of the “Wannacry“ ransomware exploit and the global impact of the cyber threat and the extreme vulnerability of key industries, it might not be too early to...

Technology Trends for People—Accenture Tech Vision 2017
By Paul Daugherty, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer at Accenture

Within the last year, we’ve experienced no small degree of change globally, and if there is perhaps one thing most people can agree upon, it is that we have much more change ahead of us. I’ve been...

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