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Kristen Brock
CFO of LEL Home Services

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“Providing Benefits via Expertise”

Kristen Brock, CFO of LEL Home Services is an out of the box thinker, creating diversified funding sources, developing new companies, currently five, while structuring the companies to benefit LEL. Kris has been tremendously effective serving LEL Home Services, LLC. (LEL) and paving the way for Growth! Prior to her arrival LEL was paying in excess of a .25M for accounting services and billing less than $200,000 per week, with only 525 Individuals Served. The company was not able to provide benefits while 95% of its work force was females many whom were single moms with children. The company was being penalized for not providing benefits to those employees and there was no plan for change. The incoming CEO asked Kris if she could bring accounting in house and if benefits were foreseeable in the near future. Kris identified that the excessive amount of money being paid to the external accounting department would need to stop and then benefits could be provided, which would also help the tax debt. In less than nine months LEL was providing a benefits package that ranked in the Top 1%. All accounting practices were brought in house. Kris hired and developed an entire accounting department and Human Resource Department and obtained state of the art technology. The change was very successful and enabled the organization to focus on increasing the number of Individual Served and the quality of their service. LEL experienced a 300% growth and has never looked back.

" LEL is serving individuals in 85 counties in Indiana, Albuquerque New Mexico, and is now approved to serve individuals in 3 counties in Ohio."

Being individual, family and extended family centered is at the core of what LEL does to enable care. Their model, “Family and Friends,” is built on identifying family and extended family who have given care to individuals, as well as hiring, training, and equipping them to deliver quality care. By blending natural and paid supports, they can focus on personal preference and meaningful life goals. LEL is serving individuals in 85 counties in Indiana, Albuquerque New Mexico, and is now approved to serve individuals in 3 counties in Ohio as well as purchasing an Adaptive Inclusive Play Center for Kids.

As per Kris, in the developmental disabilities field, there is a great focus on compliance as well as the health and safety of individuals in service. While this is, obviously, important, she and the other Officers’ believes to meet those standards is to be average. “We are pushing the standard beyond compliance to quality. Our focus is working with individuals and families to identify valued roles for individuals in pursuit of their best life,” she adds. “LEL is a world leader in the industry and is recognized by other providers, state and federal governments as a leader. We raise the bar as soon as we have met the previous bar, we aim to increase our customer service so that each of the individuals we serve has a ‘good Life’.” LEL has been able to understand the regulatory guide lines which govern over the work they do, but LEL has realized that those standards are less than what it takes to become a world leader, therefore LEL presses on raising the standards, advocation for new rules and regulations which speak to the work that needs to be done.

This year alone LEL has stuck to its guns about how people should receive services and 3 standards have changed because of it. The change in these standards allow LEL to lead in a Care Model that delivers every time. LEL is currently working to help streamline the service model in New Mexico so that the emphasis is not only on medical needs but a more holistic approach which helps a person who isn’t whole become so. These challenges help the individuals that are served lead a greater life, take less medication and have less restrictions. Recently the Officers and Executive Directors came together to work on a three-year Strategic Plan and identified an aggressive Individual Focused and Growth Plan. “As our Individuals Served live and work in an environment where there is commitment and buy-in, they too will feel the same, and by word of mouth they will tell their friends and family who will also come to the LEL Family for their services,” adds Kris.IE


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Kristen Brock
CFO of LEL Home Services


We understand the difficulties associated with finding quality care for a disabled loved one because Edith Glover, our founder, discovered a shortage of quality caregivers during her family’s journey. Due to this shortage, when the longtime caregiver of her son Lyle was no longer able care for him, she decided to end her 35 year nursing career to provide the appropriate care for Lyle full-time. Along the way she became aware of many other families in similar situations and began LEL Home Services as a support network to share knowledge she had acquired.

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