June Klein CEO   Technology & Marketing Ventures, Inc. 10 Best Entrepreneurs of Year 2020

June Klein
CEO Technology & Marketing Ventures, Inc.

June Klein CEO Technology & Marketing Ventures, Inc. 10 Best Entrepreneurs of Year 2020

“EmpowerNatorJune™ WorkLife ”

Most decision-makers don’t have a method to manage change, complexity and risk which stymies their ability to make ventures scalable, sustainable and profitable. June Klein CEO of TMVi assists in solving problems which can range from losing your business, your home, your competitive position. She shares her real-life examples of how she faced & succeeded with the same challenges that corporate STEAM women are struggling with now. “I don’t see other coaches addressing how to minimize stress by handling Infobesity via my TMVi problem-solving approach or playing EmpowernatorJune version of Candy Crush,” says June. “Instead of sneaking games into work, we focus on making work a game! When people find the joy in work, they are rewarded with increased energy that enables them to get stuff done.” June & her team identify the most challenging requirement and create impactful content for businesses, academia & workforces. She starts by asking each of 3 entities: What is working for you? What is not working for you that you want to see changed this year? “I focus on the intersection eg. Talent: Businesses need JIT skilled workforce in order to survive and stay competitive; Academia is losing endowments, enrollment revenue, students not getting jobs; Workforce saddled with debt, not getting jobs cause not prepared to hit the road running.”

"Technology & Marketing Ventures Inc., through its Electronic-BoardroomTMVi® division has trademarks used in consulting, television, education, networking, database, newsletter. TMVi has by-invitation only 21st Century Teams focused on: 5th Estate Innovators and Governance Solutions."

The  EmpowerNatorJune™ Journey is a continuing series of WorkLife Integration “firsts,” Electronic-BoardroomT&MVinc® Solutions and the TMVi problem-solving methodology applied to changing competitive landscapes. “Blending, Reinventing and Transforming from an intrapreneurial executive manager into an entrepreneurial business leader straddling diverse environment,” states June. She has been presented, published & filmed by Oxford TV with regards to her unique problem-solving methodology which gave Enron a 0/5 rating when it was Wall Street’s Darling.

“I also showed how boards of directors could use TMVi as an info auditing approach to identify hidden red flags. General response was: boardroom is not broken, please do us a favor and stop trying to fix it for us,” adds June. “Then Enron went bankrupt and I was called back. I gave same speech as last time but this time they wanted to hear it and my method was used for a new Sarbanes Oxley processing business.”

The problem June’s company is solving is Attracting-Retaining-Promoting corporate STEAM women before-during-after Paid Family-Maternity-Leave. As per stats, 43% of qualified women leave STEM jobs after starting a family stating work-life is unsustainable exhaustion and stress coupled with unpredictable schedules and unwelcoming parity leading employees to prefer non-science careers. June offers fun holistic work-life game with tactical, strategic, experiential integrated, short-form content played on a mobile phone powered by MS SAAS, Azure, Gaming, Teams, PowerApp platform. Offered to professional women before, during or after paid-family-maternity leave. For employees, intent is for them to succeed in their company career-family transition, become part of a network team and be engaged in lifelong learning. The game is designed for employer outcome of retaining and attracting professional STEAM women after PFML.

According to June, what differentiates her from competitors is that none of them seem to have anything out-of-the box nor have any Games created by a woman with real-life heroes sharing tactics and solutions customized for 3 phases of PFML: before, during and after. Whereas June incorporates a 4 pillar methodology that enables any user to work through to find their own custom answer. It empowers them to manage constant change, complexity and risk. It minimizes stress derived from InfoBesity. Motivating the future women entrepreneurs June advices, them to be bigger, bolder, better, they need a problem-solving methodology to manage change, complexity and risk. Since every business today is a technology business, EmpowerNatorJune Tag Line is: May THE Tech Be With YOU! “Think steAm as the communication Arts are necessary to achieve full potential from systems, tech and engineering,” says June.IE


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June Klein
CEO,Technology & Marketing Ventures, Inc.


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